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Beyond Chèvre

I don’t know about you, but for most of my life
I didn’t think you could make cheese with goat’s milk.

 Not “real” cheese, anyway. I thought goats milk was relegated to making soft, creamy and slightly sour cheeses like chevre (otherwise known as “goat cheese”), and that any of the cheeses to stock a family’s fridge for pizza night or lasagna or mac’n’cheese required several gallons of cows milk and Bessie in the backyard.


The truth is that people have been making cheese and other cultured dairy products from goat’s milk longer than from any other dairy animals, and nearly every style of cheese in the world can be made with the milk from any kind of dairy animal.

So yes, my friend, you CAN make cheese with goat's milk.

You can stock your fridge with wheels upon wheels. You can slice and shred it to be used with every meal. You can never buy cheese again, if that’s what you want! 

After all, that’s what I do.

For me, homestead cheesemaking happens in the corners of an already busy day.
 It’s the sort of thing you learn to fit into the fabric of your life. It’s one more pot on the stove; one more bowl on the counter; one more bit of beauty and sustenance to add to the list of homegrown foods that will nourish the family.
I first became fascinated with the art of cheesemaking while milking my two doe-eyed Jersey cows. A couple years later we decided to sell the cows and switch our homestead entirely over to goats for our dairy needs. When I first began consistently making cheese with goat milk, I discovered that there were few, if any, notes in my cheese books about how to augment a recipe for goat milk. My cheeses were turning out dry and with a lower yield than my cow’s milk had given me, even though my goat’s milk had arguably more butterfat.
I learned that I had to be far more gentle with the milk and curds during cheesemaking with goat milk than I had realized. I also learned to “read” the curds, and stop stirring in a recipe much earlier than when I had used milk from my cows. I began developing my own recipes using these and other techniques to achieve creamy cheeses with a high yield and delicious flavor. These recipes needed to be simple and straightforward, without any fussy extra steps. They had to fit into my busy days, and not be so particular that I wouldn’t be able to step away from the cheesepot to tend to my toddler or teach a reading lesson while I stirred.

This course is not about making fancy cheeses, or even about making the very best possible cheeses (although, I guarantee that with practice you’ll be making some pretty darn good cheese), but it IS about filling your fridge with the abundance you already have at your disposal.

These recipes have been written for you, dear busy Homesteader.

From one busy homestead mama to the next, these recipes are the sort that can be added into a full-to-bursting day and still produce something beautiful and edible and nourishing in the end. I learned cheesemaking with a baby first in my womb, and then bundled on my back or carried on my hip. These days I make cheese with a busy toddler at my feet and two bigger kids doing homeschool at the kitchen table. We use our homegrown dairy products multiple times every day, and each time I pull out a fresh wheel of homemade cheese to slice or shred and add into our meals, I am awestruck once again by the beautiful alchemy of sunlight to grass, to milk and curd, to aged wheel of cheese ready to bless us with nutrient-rich goodness.


That blessing of a fridge full of homemade cheese is 100% attainable for you too.

And I’m here to say that it’s really not as hard as you might think.

Every single recipe in this little course has been created with you in mind.

You can do it, and I'm here to help.

What's Included?

I’ve designed this course to be short and sweet – providing all of the information needed to dive into making goat’s milk cheeses without being too overwhelmed. I designed all of the content to be as accessible as possible for all learning styles and preferences, with lots of photos, detailed written descriptions of each step, and comprehensive videos of the cheese recipes too. When you sign up, you have lifetime access and also gain access to a private Facebook group where questions and troubleshooting can occur!

The Beyond Chèvre Course Includes:

  • A 60+ page beautiful e-book that packages all of the course content into an easy to reference pdf

  • An extensive cheesemaking supply list with clickable links

  • Modules covering introductory topics such as:

    • Fundamentals of cheesemaking

    • What makes goat milks different 

    • Milk quality for cheesemaking

    • Cleanup and sanitization

  • Tips for adjusting other cheese recipes for goat milk

  • Recipes for goat milk cultured dairy products:

    • Yogurt
    • Chèvre
  • Recipes (with variations) and comprehensive video tutorials for goat milk hard cheese recipes:
    • Homestead Cheese
    • Gouda
    • Colby
    • Simple Saturated Brine
  • Troubleshooting common issues

There’s a whole wide world beyond just making chevre out there.

This course is meant to be a jumping off point, 
a friendly kick-in-the-pants, 
an inspiring note from a fellow mama and busy homesteader 
encouraging you to take heart and dive in and just do it.

Let’s go milk some goats and make some cheese!

You can get started on your goat milk cheesemaking journey today!

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